I walk. I collect. I document. The sun prints

Beyond my professional skills, I am also a creative person. I am a photography lover and I have a more-than-a-hobby: cyanotypes!

The cyanotype is a fantastic 19th-century photographic printing process: is quite simple, is elegant, and is magic (¡camera-less, no ink involved!). But above all, is always blue, deep blue.

Cyannatypes‘ is my creative project but also my fundraising tool

As a Barcelonan, I use to take random strolls through the city, often as an intimate habit to clear my mind and center my thoughts. Modern life forces us to move quickly and distracted, and our thoughts need another rhythm, maybe the walker one.

When I moved to Los Angeles, the city of cars and freeways (where you can live in a succession of disconnected interiors: home-school-office-gym-store-home), I felt that walking could be challenging.

However, I kept walking, almost an act of resistance. So looking down at my feet I started to collect little branches and leaves, in an attempt to document my precious walks, and maybe my thoughts. Collecting leaves and printing cyanotypes of them was a way to register the hidden beauty of what we miss in our daily commute.

Somehow, my Cyannatypes encapsulate the idea that the journey is more important than the destination, something we should remember in our daily life and enjoy the road we are on.

Community giving

Cyannatypes‘ is my creative project, a gallery where you can buy my original cyanotypes, but also my fundraising tool. Fifty percent of the shop sales are donated to nonprofit organizations: every year a different cause!

During 2019 I collaborate with ‘Las Fotos Project’ (

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